Mr Harrison James

Head of Secondary & Deputy Head of School, Year 11 IGCSE Maths & History Teacher
- EdD (Earning a Doctor of Education) in Sustainability Leadership in Education from the University of Durham. - MEd (Master's in Education) in Educational Leadership and School Improvement from the University of Cambridge. - PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) in Physics from the University of Cambridge. - BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Theoretical Physics from the University of York.
I began my career at an Academy in Westminster as a Physics Teacher before moving into teaching both Physics and Mathematics at a boarding school in Harrow, London. Following that, I ran the Mathematics Department at a Dulwich College in China. During my time there I also coached a competitive and leading Mathematics team that won multiple competitions across Asia. Since then, I was the Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning at a British international school in Astana, Kazakhstan. There I construct the timetables and manage projects related to timetabling for both the Primary and Secondary divisions. Additionally, I was responsible for performance management and academic outcomes in the Secondary division, as well as professional development. Finally, I lead the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essays for the IB (International Baccalaureate®) cohort and teach an IB HL (Higher Level) Mathematics class. I have been at The British School of Brasilia since 2021. Over the years I have enjoyed raising money for charity and attending competitions through my main hobby and interest, which is acrobatic and break dance. I also enjoy playing football and have run CCAs whereby I have trained students in both of these sports in all of the schools I have worked at.