We are very aware of the enormous opportunities that are available to us being based in Brasilia. We are at the political heart of Brazil and with 124 foreign embassies in the city it is a place of true multiculturalism. Brazil as a whole is a rapidly transforming nation with a growing influence on the world at large.

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Pupils are stimulated to acquire the competencies and abilities related to the language through creative tasks, which involve critical thinking and problem solving. By giving students ownership of their learning they understand how they are being supported to develop the language and the awareness of culture and society. We recognise that an understanding of Brazilian culture and a command of the Portuguese language will be invaluable assets for the future.
Regular (2 - 3 per week) Portuguese lessons are complemented by a rich programme of activities, that develop reading and writing abilities, vocabulary enrichment, and language usage, educational trips and whole school events that takes place throughout the school year.