BSB is a fully licensed international school in Brazil. Find out more about its accreditations and inspection reports.
Council of British International Schools (COBIS)
COBIS is the most prestigious worldwide organisation of British International Schools with over 500 members. Schools who become members of COBIS become part of a network that ‘educate over 165,000 students, which can be found in more than 75 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas’.

The British Schools Foundation (BSF) has enjoyed a long association with COBIS. 
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COBIS website 

The British School of Brasilia underwent a visit with COBIS as part of our commitment to quality assurance, but also as a means to gain membership to this prestigious organisation.

The purpose of a compliance visit is to ensure that our provision for health, safety and welfare is of the correct standard for British schools overseas exploring, in-depth, the following areas:

Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment

Pupils Welfare



Ethos and Values

BSB was awarded nine commendations and Beacon School status for truly exceptional practice in key areas across all five strands.

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Latin American Headteacher Conference (LAHC)
BSB is a member of LAHC, the premier British and International School association in the region.
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The mission of the LAHC is to bring together centres of educational excellence reflecting the best of British and international educational practice in order to share expertise for school improvement in a spirit of reciprocal altruism that benefits all parties. The association caters specifically for schools which give special importance to the English language, both as a medium for communication and as a language of teaching and learning.

Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) Accreditations
Approved in 18/10/2017, DODF number 201, date 19/10/2017, page 12.
Ordinance number 459, date 19/10/2017, DODF number 202, date 20/10/2017, page 11, for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Primary schoool.

Approved in 3/8/2020, DODF number 148, date 6/8/2020, page 11.
Ordinance number 202, date 7/8/2020, DODF number 151, date 11/08/2020, page 8, for Secondary school.

Service Order number 91, date August 3rd, 2023, for Secondary school and Sixth Form.
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