Mr Aaron Beddoe

Year 3 Teacher
PGCE at Oxford Brookes University.
After being in several good schools during my training in which I experienced a range of primary school years (2, 3 and 6) and then in one school that went from requiring improve to good during my tenure there (in which I was in year 4), I learnt a lot about what makes a good teacher and the things that are vital to improve attainment. I enjoyed working as a teacher tremendously and thrived on learning new ways and strategies to progress together. One of those successful strategies was Talk for Write in English, and I was thrilled to see BSB using the programme of learning too. Above all though, from my experience one of the most important things is a positive, creative atmosphere where children are happy to be in school and make mistakes - to me, it’s the only way to learn. I enjoy rugby and most of my interests stem from there. I exercise regularly to keep in shape as rugby is a physical game and was very pleased to find out the UnB had a team I could join. I also watch all the rugby I can and have usually done coaching when and where I can in past schools and clubs. I’m even doing some at UnB which has certainly been stretching my Portuguese. Enjoying rugby has also instilled a love of competition in me so I love to play any competitive sports and then enjoy training accordingly - I’m yet to find a popular Brazilian sport I’m any good at though so, I’m open to suggestions! I do also enjoy the traditional reading before bed, but often find my reading choices: history, a little economics or anything else that makes me feel somewhat knowledgeable, can be hard to follow with a sleepy head - alas, I continue to do so anyway.