Mrs de Souza e Silva
Brazilian Diplomats
Our daughter, Helena Bélkior de Souza e Silva, began attending The British School of Brasília (BSB) in August 2018, entering Year 4 at the age of eight. Over these three amazing years, the school has proven to be an excellent environment in which Helena has grown in various aspects: academically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. We now have a Year 6 young lady who believes in herself and is not afraid to face any kind of challenge. We truly value the growth mindset that BSB instills through the values of hard work, effective strategies, and quality inputs. We wholeheartedly thank you for your love and support!

Our son, Horácio Bélkior de Souza e Silva, began attending The British School of Brasília (BSB) when he turned 6 years old. Mr T (Mr Thomas) was his teacher and made him feel most welcome and at ease from day 1. Horácio quickly learned English and was able to leave the English as Additional Language (EAL) mentoring to join the group during Extended Curriculum classes, which excited him greatly, with options that went from practicing yoga to "Crazy Coding". Now finishing Year 2 with the sweet and caring Ms McCallum, he is a happy, enthusiastic boy who loves going to school. We are very grateful for the qualified and impeccable attention not only Horácio but also tthat us, parents, received from the school during our time in Brasília. As we are now on our way to Geneva, we are also thankful for the assistance the school provided us in terms of relocation. Wishing the amazing educator Mrs Thomas (Headteacher) and her team all the best in life, always!

The Bélkiors Family