Mr Sachi Anand Kanagasabay

Year 3B Teacher
BA Hons Sports Studies from Southampton Solent University Post Graduate Certificate in Education from London East Teacher Training Alliance, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University
I have been a qualified teacher for 2 years now. Before I did my PGCE I was working in the school I would later train at as a Special Needs assistant (1-1). During that time and during my training I have worked across all key stages and different schools. As part of my university degree I coached several different sports ranging from football, basketball, cricket etc to children in various primary schools. Although I have only been a qualified teacher for a couple of years I have been working in schools and been around the environment longer. I am now just looking forward to branching out, experiencing new things and learning along the way At BSB. My hobbies and interests depend on how I am feeling that day! I love sport and will happily take part in any sport I can. My favourite would have to be football though and I support the single greatest team in the world… Liverpool FC! I have recently and thankfully become involved in the CrossFit community, it is an amazing way for me to stay active and meet new people. I enjoy cooking and will often spend more time in the kitchen trying to make a new recipe than actually eating it! I love listening to music, I cannot travel anywhere in silence and I am even known to have some LoFi beats playing in the classroom. I am very excited to see what the future in Brasilia holds for me!