Luisa Maria Lozano
Mother of one child attending BCB
Dear BCB, thank you!

Being part of this school has been wonderful. Being an active part of the EFG has shown me the inner life of the school and I am very proud of our community. What we've reached shows an amazing amount of love for the school, passion for making better human beings, interest in cultural diversity and a huge amount of dedication from every single person who works at school!

The milestones my child has reached are unbelievable. And I can assure they are 100% due to the vibrating and caring school life. She is now a confident little lady who speaks fluently three languages, who adores to come to school, who is absolutely into reading, counting and writing! I met every single one of the BCB employees (I was lucky) and I can tell everyone is adorable.

We made friends that will be family (I met my Brazilian sister and Elena made a best dearest fondest friend), we had a fantastic time in BCB! Loved you all since my first day in school, almost 3 years ago. I'm leaving with my heart broken and I really really hope my path makes me return to São Paulo to you guys. I'll take with me my fondest memories of these lovely years. :) Go Vikings!